Marisa Jiménez studied Fine Arts, at Granada University, Spain. Where the principal subjects were sculpture, drawing and painting; but she has acquired knowledge about illustration, photography and costume design.

She shows to us a work that is very delicate and soft. The principal concept that she wants to share is the power of the erotism. Showing women’s portraits and illustrations. A view from innocence poses until the most sensual stare. She always tries to connect attraction with innocence and melancholy characters of women, but at the same time showing how strong and powerful it can be. She has only one muse, it is the woman. There is an undiscovered mystery inside woman’s body and that is what intrigues her. The mystery women can captivate with a direct stare, that sometimes it is very intimidated.

Also, she is very interested about ethnic, tribes and culture around women in the world…

She is currently living in Bristol, working as freelance illustrator designer and painter.